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2005-2010 Mustang GT

The biggest, baddest, best cooling components for positive displacement air to water intercooler systems ever devised!

We’ve learned a lot about air to water (A2W) intercooler (IC) systems over the past 8 years. We have done extensive testing (we think more than anyone else) looking for a solution to the all too common problem of intake air temperatures (IAT) being too high. High IAT’s mean less power, a lot less power. And who wants that?!

Line/Fitting Size

We’re not going to tell you quite yet what fitting/line sizes we are running (not that it is hard to figure out by looking at our other products), but we can tell you they are a lot bigger than what you are used to seeing. Fall 2014 we did a very, very complex and exhaustive test of IC designs, line/fitting size and just about every water pump out there. One major eye opener was line size. Line/fitting size is CRUCIAL when it comes to IC system performance. The flow gains from doing it correctly are outstanding.

Heat Exchanger

There is one universal truth when it comes to heat exchangers (HE). They can’t be too big. Every time we have added HE size to something we have seen improvement. And we have gone further than anyone adding heat exchanger size. If we had more room, we would add more. Our new HE is as big as you can possibly fit in the car without major surgery. And that is pretty much that. Yes there are factors like fin density, single/dual/triple pass, etc. But at the end of the day it comes down to size, bigger is better. And ours is bigger. How much bigger? Currently the big popular “go to” HE has a 256 sq in frontal area and a 320 cu in core volume. Ours new HE has a 360 sq in frontal area and a 540 cu in core volume! That is 40% more frontal area and 70% more core volume!!! It’s not a little bit more HE, it’s a LOT more HE.

The HE will also have an optional 16” fan that moves 1860cfm.

Water Pump

After exhaustive flow testing for our system we chose the Davies Craig EWP150 water pump. Set up with our system it is a fantastic pump. It flows approximately 3x the water that pumps in other systems run while being relatively inexpensive, compact and doesn’t draw a massive amount of amps.

Water Tank/Degass Bottle

The tank is not the sexiest part of the equation, but if it can’t move enough water to match the rest of the system while simultaneously preventing pump caviatation it’s just a decoration that holds water. Our water tank, which mounts on the radiator shroud (like a GT500) has been designed with the correct size fittings and in a way that won’t allow the pump to cavitate. It’s made from aluminum and has one of those fancy fuel cell style caps.


We haven’t nailed down exactly how we will package the systems. We will most likely offer each item separately and also as a complete kit.

How much will all this cost you ask? It won’t be inexpensive is the answer. This is not a “price leader” system. This is a system that is literally as good as it gets. And better than anything else out there……. by a mile. It will not be “expensive” either though. It will be priced competitively with what you can currently put together using components already on the market. So the bottom line is it will perform a lot better than anything else you can put together your self, but be in the same price range.

Coming Late Summer/Fall 2015






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