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GT550-S197 Supercharger Kits
2011-2014 Mustang GT

Starting at $2545

You Can Get a Complete Kit Including Everything You Need


You Can Build Your Own Kit Around Our Manifold
and Any GT500 Supercharger

Make 500-1500rwhp

What differentiates the GT550-S197 kits from everything else on the market? The answer mostly boils down to flexibility, price and industry leading cooling. The GT550-S197 kits are the only kits that allow you to do everything from a do it yourself (DIY) kit tailored directly to your needs to a complete kit that contains everything you need to get supercharged


Entry Level Supercharger Kits:

All supercharger kits are entry level kits.

Are you looking for an entry level kit? Will you be running it on pump gas? If so the GT550-S197 kits are probably going to be the best choice for most people. All of the supercharger kits for the Coyote are limited by the octane of the fuel you are running. For most people that is 91-93 octane. You can read more about it here . GT550-S197 kits will make that same maximum horsepower every other kit does on pump gas, and run a lot cooler, but at a lower price than the competition. If you take the DIY route you can save even more money! On pump gas there are no performance penalties when running a GT550-S197 kit opposed to the other kits available. None, zero, zilch. In fact, the GT550-S197 kits when run on pump gas perform as good as or better than any other kit available because they have the best intercooler in the industry and the option of an industry first, a composite heat barrier. Cooler running means you get more of your power more of the time. The GT550-S197 kits have an intercooler that is capable of removing up to 250% more heat than any mass produced kit for the 2011-2014 Mustang GT. And to improve cooling even more, our composite heat barrier.

If you’re looking to get blown but not interested in spending the thousands upon thousands of dollars that are required to make more than 600rwhp the GT550-S197 kits are probably you best option. And if you’re looking to make more than 600rwhp they still may be the best option for you.


You can custom tailor the kit to your exact desires/needs:

Let’s say that you’re looking to make 550-600rwhp but you want a few more bells and whistles than entry level kits come with. An example of bells and whistles would be the heat exchanger and intercooler water pump. All entry level kits come with entry level heat exchangers and water pumps. Which give you entry level results. Which are barely adequate. There is a reason that there is a big market in aftermarket heat exchanger and intercooler water pumps. A majority of people that have blowers on their car quickly realize that their entry level kit doesn’t stay as cool as they would like it to and in turn they are down on power (sometime LOTS of power). They then go down the road of upgrading their heat exchanger and water pump. Which means that they bought those components twice. Once when they bought the kit (the ones it came with) and again when they upgraded. With the GT550-S197 you can skip the entry level stuff if you want to and go directly to the top performing components. Which saves you time and money.

Now let’s say you want to make 600+rwhp. First you will be looking at running headers, an off road midpipe and a cat back to help lower boost to retain the ability to run pump gas. You can read more about it here. But the expense doesn’t stop there. Most of the kits out there include a blower that is capable of making 600+rwhp. The problem is that not much else in the kit will be able to get the job done. To make 600+rwrwhp you will need a bigger heat exchanger, better water pump, bigger fuel injectors, more/bigger fuel pump(s), a better drive belt system and tensioner and maybe a bigger mass airflow sensor, throttle body and cold air kit.

If you buy any of the supercharger kits to make 600+rwhp you end upgrading a whole bunch of components. Which means that you bought all those components twice. When going the GT550-S197 route you can get the right components for your goals from the start, so you only buy those parts once.


Do You Want To Make Huge Horsepower?:

Are you looking to make HUGE power numbers? Well, the GT550-S197 is probably your best bet. The GT550-S197 can run any GT500 supercharger. That will get you all the way up to 4.7L and about 1500rwhp. And you will have the best intercooler/cooling in the business……by a country mile. If you are shooting for big numbers and you go with any other kit you will have to upgrade everything. And no matter how much upgrading you do you will never get close to the cooling of the GT550-S197. Why buy everything twice when you can start with a GT550-S197 and get everything you want right out of the gate?


Build It As You Go:

Do you want a blower for your car but can’t afford to plop the whole chunk down at once? And saving up the money never seems to work right? There is always some sort of emergency ready to raid your toy fund? Most of us are in the same boat. One distinct advantage of the GT550-S197 is that you can piece the kit together over time, you don’t have to get the whole thing at once. Another advantage of building you kit over time is because you don’t need your parts “right now” you can search/wait for killer deals to come up on the parts you do need.


Reliability and Ease/Cost of Maintenance:

The GT550-S197 kits are incredibly reliable and if something does go wrong inexpensive and easy to fix. The GT550-S197 kits use many, many stock/OEM parts. Most of them GT500 take off components. If you have an issue with other kits on the market you may have to go to the kit manufacturer to get replacement parts. With the GT550-S197 kit you can get most replacement parts as easy as you can get an oil filter.


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The Kits:

GT550-S197 Phase I

The GT550-S197 Phase I is the manifold kit. This is the kit you want if you want to build up your own kit around the GT550-S197 manifold.

For detailed information on the GT550-S197 Phase I click here

GT550-S197 Phase II.5

The GT550-S197 Phase II.5 kit is a Phase III minus the intercooler system support components (heat exchanger, degas tank, water pump and lines). This is the kit you want if you want a full kit but you plan on building your own intercooler system with top shelf components.

For detailed information on the GT550-S197 Phase II.5 click here

GT550-S197 Phase III

The GT550-S197 Phase III is a complete kit with everything you need. This kit is for those people that want everything ready to go in one box (well, technically two boxes). If you already have some of the parts to put a system together (a blower for example) but you need everything else this is in the kit this is the kit you want too. Items can be subtracted from the Phase III to suit your specific needs.

For detailed information on the GT550-S197 Phase III click here


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