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Department Of Boost 2.9L Front Entry Whipple Street/Strip Manifold/Intercooler

We did extensive development during the 2018 season with one of the Cobra Jet teams to come up with this combination. Then we tried it out on the street. We had an agreement that these would be kept under wraps until the end of the season, then we would be selling them to everyone. Now is that time.

Let’s Get Right To The Performance

***The numbers below are based on running the correct pump, line size, heat exchanger and/or ice chest. We can help you make sure the rest of your system can support the manifold correctly.

-Our manifold moves 3x the water that the unmodified Whipple does.

-Cruising intake air temperatures will be 8-14deg over ambient.

-You will only see a 15-25deg rise in intake air temperatures over a run.

-The temp recovery time after a run is nearly instant.

-Cars with ice chests will see 55-65deg intake air temps running through the traps.

-It’s almost impossible to get the intake air temperatures high enough to pull ignition timing and therefore power.

-There is nothing else available that can touch this level of cooling performance.


-The Whipple manifold is machined to accept -20 (1.25”) fittings/lines with no restrictions at the intercooler. In fact, -20 fittings are more restrictive than the passages through the manifold/intercooler. You can still run .75” or 1” lines if you would like though.

-The front intercooler tank is removed from the intercooler and replaced with our design.

-Includes composite spacers to keep the heat from the cylinder heads from heating up the intake manifold.

Above: Standard Whipple intercooler feed tube .625” (left) vs Department Of Boost intercooler feed tube 1.25” (right)
Above: Standard Whipple intercooler water fitting (left) vs Department Of Boost intercooler water fitting (right)
Above: Composite heat barriers to all but eliminate heat soaking the manifold with transferred heat from the cylinder heads.

How it works

-You send us your Whipple manifold. We machine it and assemble it with our parts/intercooler.

-Turn around time is 6 weeks.


Please email us at if you have any questions.




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