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2013 GT500/Pierburg Intercooler Water
Pump Kit w/ Bypass

$260 shipped in the CONUS

35-40% more water flow than the standard Bosch pump that comes with most blowers

Water Speed:

The water speed of almost all blower kits (except ours) is woefully low to meet the requirements of keeping intake air temperatures under control and your car making full power all of the time. Most blower kit/pump combo’s move 5-6 gallons per minute (gpm). This kit will boost your water speed to 8.5-10.25gpm depending on what blower you have. “But you can move the water too fast” you say? In a practical sense that is not a correct statement at all. We move the water at 28gpm in our big daddy intercooler systems and would go faster if there were reasonable pumps available that would do it. And way out there in crazy land the 1500hp W16 quad turbo 250mph hypercar the Bugatti Chiron moves the water at 200gpm! They have the only car in the world that will run flat out until it literally runs out of fuel (9min) and never have intake air temp issues. Tell Bugatti they’re doing it wrong.

If there was a better pump option for your standard .75” intercooler system that would offer more water speed, we would be recommending that. But, with .75” intercooler systems you’re limited to an at best 10.25gpm while keeping costs in check. You can go one step further with another 15-20% in flow. But it involves running a monster pump that is very expensive and has a massive power draw (26 amps) on the cars charging system. This 13’ GT500/Pierburg pump is by far the best bang for your performance buck for a .75” system.

More water speed than this requires expensive intercooler system modifications.

Partial Bypass Mod:

When you start playing with water speeds this high you run into problems with the de-gas tank not de-gassing correctly which causes pump cavitation. That in turn hurts water flow. We include the components necessary to do a partial bypass of the de-gas tank. This diverts the bulk of the water flow past the de-gas tank so it’s not overwhelmed and can do its job correctly.

Bypass pictured below. Red arrows are straight through flow. Blue arrows are the partial bypass.



This is not a 100% bolt on plug and play mod. This will work with any system. But because we’re talking about a massive difference in configurations between all of the blowers available there will be some fitment to do. It’s not at all rocket science. You’re simply removing you existing pump and replacing it with this one. You may need to extend some hoses. You may need to work something out on mounting the pump (which has a supplied bracket). You may have to wire the connector in to your existing power wires. Not very hard at all. One step harder than an oil change. At the end of the day you’re talking about swapping pumps. How hard can it be?

Kit Includes:

-13’ GT500/Pierburg intercooler water pump
-90deg 3/4" pre molded hose
-3/4” hose
-Tee fittings
-Mounting bracket
-Wiring pigatil

If you want one just shoot us an email at Please include your PayPal email address.


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