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Department Of Boost 2.9L Front Entry Whipple Cobra Jet Manifold/Intercooler

For Race Applications Only

We did extensive development during the 2018 season with one of the Cobra Jet teams to come up with this combination. We had an agreement that these would be kept under wraps until the end of the season, then we would be selling them to everyone. Now is that time.


Let’s Get Right To The Performance

***The numbers below are based on running the correct pump, line size and ice chest. We can support you by helping you make sure the rest of your system can back up the manifold/intercooler correctly.

-Our manifold moves 3x the water that the unmodified Whipple does.

-Our manifold moves 1.5-2x the water that the other modified Whipple’s avialble do.

-You will see a bare minimum of a 50deg drop in intake air temp over the other modified Whipple’s that are currently available. A lot more than 50deg over an unmodified Whipple. We’re seeing intake air temps in Cobra Jet applications (over spinning the guts out of the 2.9L) going through the traps as low as 55deg.

-The PWR core has 1/2lb less boost drop across the core compared to the Whipple core.

-On the engine dyno we saw a 50hp gain in just air density due to lower intake air temps. After tuning we saw another 40hp for a total of 90hp gained.


-The Whipple manifold is machined to accept -20 (1.25”) fittings/lines with no restrictions at the intercooler ports. In fact, -20 fittings are more restrictive than the passages through the manifold/intercooler.

-The intercooler is a PWR tube and fin (opposed to bar and plate) core that was designed specifically for this application. It is a 10/10ths design that leaves absolutely nothing on the table.

-The intercooler is “shorter” than the standard Whipple unit. We were able do this without sacrificing cooling because the PWR core transfers a whole lot more heat than the Whipple core does. By reducing the thickness, we were able to unshroud the inlet/outlet ports of the intercooler and increase water flow. And because the core is not as thick you don’t get as much boost drop at the core. Additionally, it opens up a lot of room under the intercooler/above the pan. This reduces the “pinch point” in that location for easier airflow. It also leaves you the end user the option of welding in “air deflectors” that further smooth the transition of the air coming out of the intercooler 180deg toward the intake ports.

Above: Standard Whipple intercooler (left) vs Department Of Boost/PWR intercooler (right)
Above: Standard Whipple intercooler feed tube (left) vs Previously the most highly modified Whipple intercooler feed tube (center) vs Department Of Boost intercooler feed tube (right)

How it works

--You send us your Whipple manifold. We machine it and assemble it with our parts/intercooler.

-Turn around time is 6 weeks.


Please email us at if you have any questions.


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